Bend Testing Services

Bend Testing Services
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Bend Testing Services 

BEND TESTS are carried out to determine the strength or ductility of a material. Bend tests are different from other mechanical tests. As the most mechanical tests are designed to give an objective endpoint and a quantitative result. But the bend tests provide fail/pass results with a very subjective endpoint. The test operator examines whether the surface undergoes cracking. The bend tests are designed as a shop-floor material examination test due to its simplicity, pass/fail qualities and low operational costs. And this is why, the development of bending ductility test methods and equipment has been executed by the users than by the manufacturers of mechanical test equipment. Specimen preparation and test procedures methods have evolved without giving close attention to detail. Hence, despite the long history of use and the value of test, there has been minimum standardization.

Requirements and description of bend test is given in several other standards such as, AWS D1.1, ASTM A 370, ASME Section IX, IS 2062, IS 1599, etc..

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