Remote Field Eddy Current Testing of Heat Exchanger Tubes

Remote Field Eddy Current Testing of Heat Exchanger Tubes
Remote Field Eddy Current Testing of Heat Exchanger Tubes
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REMOTE-FIELDEDDY CURRENT (RFEC) TESTING is a non destructive examination technique suitablefor the examination of conducting tubular goods using a probe from the innersurface. Because of the RFEC effect, the technique provides what is, in effect,a through-wall examination using only the interior probe. Although thetechnique is applicable to any conducting tubular material, it has been primarilyapplied to ferromagnetics because conventional eddy current testing techniquesare not suitable for detecting opposite-wall defects in such material unlessthe material can be magnetically saturated. In this case, corrosion/erosionwall thinning and pitting as well as cracking are the flaws of interest. Oneadvantage of RFEC inspection for either ferromagnetic or non ferromagneticmaterial inspection is that the probe can be made more flexible than saturationeddy current or magnetic probes, thus facilitating the examination of tubeswith bends or diameter changes. Another advantage of RFEC inspection is that itis approximately equal (within a factor of 2) in sensitivity to axially andcircumferentially oriented flaws in ferromagnetic material. The major disadvantageof RFEC inspection is that, when applied to non ferromagnetic material, it isnot generally as sensitive or accurate as traditional eddy current testingtechniques.


AtITE, we use Olympus MS 5800 for Remote Field Electromagnetic Testing in variouscomponents like Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Condensers, etc. All those tubeswhich are ferromagnetic in nature like made from the alloys of Steel, Nickel,etc. are tested. We have a formidable customer base for RFET like IOCL, NFL,JLSL,  etc. to name a few.


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