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Borescopic Inspection Services

Borescopic Inspection Services
Borescopic Inspection Services
Service Description

A borescope is a device which is used toinspect the items with small bores or items with limited entrance space whereinspection other wise would not be possible because of lack of approach. It isoften referred to as videoscope. Inspections using such a device is referred toas Borescopy or Videoscopy or Borescopic Inspection or Videoscopic Inspection.


Items like tubes, boiler headers, pipes,boiler tubes, turbine connection, aircraft engines, turbines, automobile components, where inspection using naked eye or with physically being there isnot possible, we can use a videoscope of desired length an diameter and canperform the visual inspection.


ITE is providing borescopic inspectionservices for more than a decade using its best in class equipment. Infact ITEis the one of the only Inspection Company in India which has an IndustrialVideoscope of 18 meters length from Olympus. 

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