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Non Destructive Testing

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  1. Ultrasonic Testing

    Ultrasonic Testing of plates, pipes, welded joints, rotors, shafts, bearings. It is primarily used for internal flaw detection rather than external. Flaws like crack, LOP, LOF, porosities, etc. can be detected.
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  2. Liquid Penetrant Testing

    Liquid Penetrant Testing or Dye Penetrant testing is used for detection of surface flaws on materials like plates, pipes, tubes, welds, castings, forgings, etc. Onky those flaws which are open to the surface can be detected.
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  3. Magnetic Particle Testing

    Magnetic Particle Testing of welds, turbine blades, rotors, shafts and other mechanical components for detection of surface and sub surface flaws. It uses the principle of Mangetic Flux Leakage for detection of flaws.
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  4. Non Destructive Testing Services

    Non Destructive Testing or NDT methods are used to inspect items especially metals to identify flaws or defects inside or on them without damaging the those items. NDT includes tests like Ultrasonic Testing, Radiography Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Helium Leak Testing, Eddy Current testing, Remote Field Eddy Current testing, Oxide Scale Measurement, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement, Positive Material Identification, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Time of Flight Diffraction, etc.
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  5. Radiography Testing

    Radiography Testing using Gamma Rays and X Rays are done to determine flaws which are inside the surface of material.
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  6. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

    Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement also referred as Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging is used for measuring thickness of pipes, boiler tubes, plates, etc
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  7. Visual Testing

    Visual Inspection or Visual Testing is the most basic and yet the most important type of inspection.
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  8. Positive Material Identification

    Positive Material Identification also known as PMI is XRF based equipment which is used for confirmation of metal/alloy grades like Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Nickle, etc.
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  9. Insitu Hardness Testing Services

    Hardness of metals is very important property which could help us understand how would metals behave. Keeping the hardness value under check is very important for it can have very adverse effect on life of equipment if not checked and controlled properly.
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