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Related Inspection & Testing Services

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  1. Positive Material Identification Testing Services

    PMI can be used for identification of various grades of stainless steels, copper alloys, nickel alloys and high alloy steels.
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  2. Visual Testing Services

    Visual inspection is the first inspection that is done to ascertain the general quality of product.
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  3. Dye Penetrant Testing Services

    Dye Penetrant Testing is done to identify flaws on the surface of the materials. Penetrant, Developer and Cleaner are used.
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  4. Magnetic Particle Testing Services

    Magnetic Particle Testing is used for checking ferromagnetic items. Defects like crack, pinholes, undercut, etc. are detected. It is based on the principle of magnetic flux leakage.
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  5. Liquid Penetrant Testing Services

    Dye Penetrant Testing is one of the most simple and versatile method of NDT for detection of flaws which are open to the surface.
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  6. Bend Testing Services

    Bend testing of metals is used to determine the bending properties of metals under load. Plates, pipes, welds, etc. can be tested. Tests are done of Universal Testing Machines.
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  7. Automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems

    Ultrasonic Testing can be automated or semi automated using various scanners based on different applications.
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  8. Ultrasonic Testing of Rotor Bearing

    Babbitt Bearings could be checked for debonding using Ultrasonic Testing. ITE has team of experts who specialise in inspection of such bearings.
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  9. Hardness Testing Services

    Hardness Testing can be done at site to determine condition of metal parts.
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  10. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Services

    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging is can be used to determne thickness of various types of jobs and items whose remaining thickness assessment is very important for proper functioning of the whole plant or related components.
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  11. Mass Spectrometer Based Helium Leak Detection

    Condensers can be testing using helium gas and MSLD for leakages.
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  12. Helium Leak Detection Services

    Helium Leak Detection uses helium gas for detection of leakages in Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Valves, Tubings, Pipelines, etc.
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  13. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

    Ultrasonic Testing can be used to test welds, plates, pipes, castings, forgings, etc.
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